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Mark DeCouto 2012

DeCouto Family Network

Good news! We have bloggers in the family. The DeCouto Family network is truly becoming a ... NETWORK!

Here's the list of blogs currrently on the network:

DeCouto Family Network Blog

Yep. Finally got one. The way things are going, this whole website will prolly be a WordPress site. I've been building custom WordPress sites for my web design clients (see sidebar).

What's really cool is that you can post and have your own page! Just contact me for login info. Learning WordPress is just one step up from Craigslist or Ebay so its relatively easy.

God's Girl Gets Real

Sheree DeCouto's life and ministry in a journal that probes mysteries, miracles and matters of our eternal being.

Just Another Mom With A Camera

The view from Carmen DeCouto's new lense. She's "learning the art of photography, one exposure at a time"

Douglas SJ DeCouto website is a treasure trove of info about Bermuda, DeCoutos and the world around us. A graduate of MIT, he has written an extensive amount of research and journalism. Or, as he says,"It serves as a jumping off point to my list of potential projects, online library of personal publications and Bermuda-related reports and publications, collections of Bermuda-related data, and my blog.

A Scattered Bunch

When I graduated Southwest Miami High school, instead of me leaving home, my family left home.

Yep. My parents and siblings moved from Miami, where my mom, David, Lisa and yours truly were born and we all grew up, to the Atlanta area in the mid 70s and have raised their families in Georgia ever since, except for Matt, his wife and kids live and rule St Clair Shores, MI. I've had a nephew and neice bouncing north and south; aunts, uncles, cousins in Bermuda, Florida and the East Coast; I've even spoken to DeCoutos from Spain, the UK... even from Japan!

Indeed, we are a scattered bunch!

Dani Lisa and Fay DeCouto

DeCoutos Around the World is for family members to share photos, news, events and announcements, home videos, art, music, links to favorite web pages and sites, family history, geneology, kid's pages (that they can make themselves), bad jokes, good recipes ... whatever we want!

Up and Flyin'! Decouto Family Blog!

With this site, each branch of the family tree can have their own pages as mentioned above, so.... break out those old boxes of photos, go down to the local electronics store and get a scanner ($50-100), read the simple directions and start archiving those valuable (and increasingly fragile!) pix on to a reliable hard drive, then back 'em up on cdw, thumbdrive, dvd (anything that'll last a few hundred years). Even better, use online services like Flikr, Picassa web and such so you can access your images from anywhere.
Scan the photos for storage at the highest possible quality, then convert copies to 72 dpi (dots per inch resolution). That's a manageable file size to send pix as an email attachment. To publish on the net, that's as good as it gets (for now).

Update 2013: Apples new Retina display is double that. And High speed internet delivers larger file sizes. For a foolproof way to publish or send the right size image, use a Flikr account. That software does all the work for you!

Best way to Send Photos for DeCouto Family Network Website
  1. Get Flikr account (Yahoo)
  2. Or Picassa for Googlers (like me!)
  3. by email to
  4. (for real huge files)
  5. Upload in a blog post

You may send your digitized photos by snail mail on a thumbdrive to:
Mark DeCouto
P.O. Box 481031
Los Angeles  CA 90048



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DeCouto Family Business Directory

List Your Business here

As this page is under development, more details will be forthcoming. I just realized for this to work, I'm going to need to code a contact form! If you get here before I post it, send email to mark at decouto dot net or come back soon! Meanwhile, here's some links courtesy of Douglas SJ DeCouto's website:


Support Your Family Website

Dont see your picture here? or that story about uncle...? Please send it and contribute to the content of your family website :-)

This site develops as time allows. Any DeCoutos' that are into this, know web design or want to contribute, dive in and email me A WordPress version is in development (it's functional, just not styled yet) so you can more easily contribute and edit blog posts and your own web pages. It would be good to learn WordPress. Once you figure it out, it's as easy as Craigslist. If you can do FaceBook, you can do WordPress :-)