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24 Sept. 2004

Paul DeCouto writes:

Hello my friend!
I was surfing the net when I came across another DeCouto.

Just wanted to say greetings from Spain.

I'm originally from the Azores islands, immigrated to north america when just two and lived in both the US and Canada.
Four years ago, my wife, daughter and I moved to the UK and now reside in sunny Spain.
I'm certain that we can network to some degree.
It doesn't surprise me by the way that you found a DeCouto in Japan.
Portugal was the first country to discover Japan and introduce Japan to Europe. There are even language similarities!

When you have a chance, visit our site and enjoy! www.thumbbuddies.com

Until then my friend - peace to you and your family!!

Paul DeCouto

hello Spain!

> > -or hello cousin?

> > good to hear from you! my dad's grandparents came to Bermuda by way of the Azores so....
> who knows?
> details are sketchy!

> > Thumbbuddies is a great idea. site looks good too.
> where in the US did you live and where in Spain are you now?
> would you like to throw a page up on this site?
> also maybe send me a graphic w html for a link to your TB site...
> > DeCouto.net is definitely a hobby, and of mild interest but the occasion of mom and dad's 50th wed ann got me to upgrade it some what.
> like the blue nav bar, new pages...
> Until i get a real guestbook, i'll just post emails like the one you sent, from the occasional Googler in the family.
> I'm starting another section called "DeCouto Connections".
> lotsa ideas...

> > live from hollywood

> > mark decouto

> Then:
22 Sept. 2004

Ola Mark!

Good to hear from you my friend or who knows - cousin?

Bottom line is that we are all brothers and sisters. If only human kind could realize that!
I lived in Fall River Mass. area while growing up, then moved to Toronto, back and forth between the two countries in my adult life and eventually moved to Europe. Lived 4 years in the UK and now on the Costa Blanca region in a very Spanish town called Gata De Gorgos, Alicante province.
Occasionally, both my wife (born in St. Kitts in the Caribbean) and I miss the US but not Canada. We both prefer the US, in California actually. We lived in Florida for a while trying to open up a comedy club in Orlando whjich unfortunately didn't materilize according to plan ("of best laid plans").
Most of my mother's family live in Mass while my father's family mainly live in Toronto.
Putting up a page on your site is cool. Is there anything particular that I can send? As for a link, no sweat - I have attached the link info that we send our alliances.
I don't know what you do but if at any point you were interested in representing the Thumb Buddies or another product in the California area, we can always talk.
I'm in the process of getting into elementary schools for fund raising as well as contacting studios, Steven Odekerk (director of Patch Adams, Ace Ventura etc.) and others like him with the intention to create an animated production utilizing our ambassadors of goodwill - the THUMB Buddies!
I will definitely be coming to LA in the foreseeable future. Based on the support we have received from parents, teachers and community as a whole, we are confident that the THUMB BUDDIES will become a house hold name!
I look forward to meeting you and your family.
Until next communique - keep smiling!!!

Paul DeCouto

NOTE: www.thumbuddies.com (with one "b") will land you in beverly hills. always check spelling!