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Mark's B-I-G Five -Oh!

at El Floridita in Hollywood June 2005

Mark DeCouto celebrates his B-I-G Five Oh! with mom and dad at El Floridita, 2005 Michael Curry, Mark aka Nick and Valentyna

An old birthday tradition is resurected when Mark's mom and dad travel over 2500 miles to have a fine Cuban dinner!
That, and to celebrate a milestone 50th birthday with a few pals, like old friend Valentyna with Mike!

Howard Flaer at Mark DeCouto 50th Mary Davis celebrates with Mark DeCouto and his mom at 50th bday, 2005

This b-day party was special because old pals like Howard Flaer, who I havent seen since the halcyon days at
Southwest "get" High skool in early '70s Miami was joined by more recent friends Mary Davis and Sophie Crouch

cindy the hula Princess and Sophie Crouch at Mark DeCouto 50th Amy G and her husband Tom at Mark DeCouto 50th, 2005

East meets West - my English friend Sophie with my Hawaiian Hula Princess pal Cindy "Leinani" Caluya
and on the right, my friend of almost 10 years, artist Amy G and her husband Tom

uncle Chris and aunt Julie Dittmar, Mark DeCouto 50th great aunt Gloria Clanton at Mark DeCouto 50th

What made this occasion extra special was having Uncle Chris and Aunt Julie Dittmar (all the way from Ohio!)
and my mom's aunt Gloria Clanton (nee Carpinelli) celebrating my B-I-G Five Oh!.
Until last summer, when cousin Kristin Dittmar moved here to LA for a coveted residency at UCLA,
for the past 25 years, it was just me and Glo's bro Uncle Willam Carpinelli in San Diego (since WW2!)
So to have some family here on the left coast was quite the treat. They enjoyed King Tut at LACMA, the opening of
"Wicked" at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood, brunch at the Getty and trips thru the mountains, beach and desert!
When I'm in Atlanta, mom or Aunt Glo will make the killer Italian dinner for me and the family.
they might even do it when I'm not there... (Glo's not hiding. It was the only shot I got! Sorry!)

Sophie Crouch makes birthday cake for Mark DeCouto aka Nick Sharpe 50th too many mojitos!

The official Birthday Cake by the lovely Sophie (before the mojitos). Then, after the mojitos!!

El Floridita, salsa central in Hollywood

Yes, it's a bit out of focus, but this shot gives you an idea of what El Floridita is like.
Luckily, my birthday fell on a Tuesday. On Monday nights, this place is wall to wall salsa!!

Tony and Jean DeCouto kickin' it at Mark DeCouto's crib, June 2005

After a hectic visit, here's mom and dad kickin' it at my crib in Carthay Circle.
This is a shot or pose not likely seen anywhere else anytime soon, so enjoy!

more Mark / Nick stuff:

Hi! I was born and raised in Miami. At a very young age, my interests were cars, motorcycles and guitar. Now, I make my way in the world with a combination of those skills and talents in deepest, darkest Hollywood. On this page are some photos, from childhood (coming soon - Ed.) to recent, with a big blank spot where the '70s were supposed to be. For a pictorial quick history (from the '80s on) go to bop35.com, my music site (aka Nick Sharpe) with pix and video.

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