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DeCouto Family Bermuda


A gathering of DeCoutos from the USA and other places on the occasion of Janice's wedding to Robert Host, Earth Day 2000.


Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Host!

Mr. and Mrs. Host

Janice and Rob's wedding reception at the Elbow Beach Hotel on the south shore of Bermuda. Janice DeCouto became Mrs. Robert Host at 4PM Sat 22 April (Earth Day) 2000, at Christ Church in Warwick Parish. Jan and Rob give their hearfelt thanks for all those that made this day a Very Special Day.


Bridal PartyClik here for enlargement



DeCouto brothers together in Bermuda 2000

The DeCouto Boys. Together again after all these years. A very rare photograph of these gentlemen.
From L-R, Ernest, Roddy, Jerry and Tony. ( 22 Apr 2000)

Thanx to Craig Faries for emailing his digital reception photos!


"Ernest's 75th Birthday, DeCouto Style"

Cut the cake!

  Ernest, Phyllis, Janice, Marcia

Jan and Rob have an anniversary soon (April 22)


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DeCouto brothers unite for rare photo op Ernest Roderick Jerry and Anthony April 2000

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