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DeCouto Geneology

FaceBook and Family History

What started as a Columbus day joke* post on Facebook has blossomed into a bit of DeCouto family lore. A very interesting discovery (and assumption was made) when the news about Newbolds (Jean DeCouto, my mom's father's side) and early DeCoutos may have crossed paths in Bermuda (of all places... the Newbolds were English) in the 18th or 19th century and that fact was when mom, in a conversation with my uncle Nicky Newbold, posited that she and dad may be related by more than just marriage... hmmmm...

Read the joke that ignited this Facebook thread here
DeCouto Family Blog - Six Degrees My Butt! Carpinellis and the Newbold-DeCouto Triangle!

*Note: Carpinelli is my mom's mother's side. My immediate family and our many maternal cousins grew up together in Miami in the 60s and identified ourselves as "wops". My many DeCouto cousins (by dad's 3 older brothers and sister)were raised in Bermuda, so consequnetly, we hardly got to know each other until later in life. To really drive that point home, check the blog post about Douglas SJ DeCouto finally meeting me (Mark) in Los Angeles (and I'm pushing 60, fer crissakes...). Thats the "pork-and-cheese" connection.

There has been a considerable amount of interest in the geneology. Currently, I believe Douglas SJ DeCouto in Bermuda is spearheading a project. will have details soon. This page is under development also. Check back in a bit or email me

DeCoutos Around the World is for family members to share photos, news, events and announcements, home videos, art, music, links to favorite web pages and sites, family history, geneology, kid's pages (that they can make themselves), bad jokes, good recipes ... whatever we want!

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Update: Oct 12 12 I'm trying some blogs on Bluehost and others - will keep you posted.

New! Decouto Family Blog! (feb 2012)

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With this site, each branch of the family tree can have ther own pages as mentioned above, so.... break out those old boxes of photos, go down to the local elctronics store and get a scanner ( $50-100), read the simple directions and start archiving those valuable ( and increasingly fragile!) pix on to a reliable hard drive, then back 'em up on cdw, thumbdrive, dvd (anything that'll last a few hundred years). Even better, use online services like Flikr, Picassa web, so you can access your images from anywhere.
Scan the photos for storage at the highest possible quality, then convert copies to 72 dpi (dots per inch resolution). That's a manageable file size to send pix as an email attachment. To publish on the net, that's as good as it gets (for now). OR snail mail a thumbdrive to:
Mark DeCouto
P.O. Box 481031
Los Angeles  CA 90048



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