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Atlanta DeCoutos

In the "Did you know?" Dept., Jean was born in Miami and Tony came over from Bermuda in his teens. Miami is where they met, married and brought your humble web geek editor into this mortal coil. After a brief 2 years with the Air Force in Columbus, OH (the only time I saw snow in my youth... and that's a good thing!), we came back to Miami bringing Matt and John with us. I guess it was the least we could do considering they were just babies and all. After getting settled in the house we were to grow up in for about a dozen years, David, then Lisa came along.

My story is, after I graduated high school (1973), instead of me leaving home, my family left home! They decided they were going to move to Atlanta right as I was beginning my professional music career in Miami. Needless to say, I stayed in FL but Atlanta is where they've been ever since, except for Matt, who somehow managed to marry into a family in Detroit even larger than ours! Must be gravitational pull, y'know?

Anyhoo, (as granma Helen would say), after working steady in the nightclub circuit for several years, I came to L.A. to goof around for a couple weeks... back in 1980! And I have been in CA ever since, but every now and then, we'll meet up in our "second' home base, and here's the pix to prove it.

Tony DeCouto Celibrates 70th birthday with the Whole Family

April 30, 2002 Marietta, Ga.

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Dad, Mom, myself, my siblings and their families, Uncle Chris (mom's bro) and family and my great (in so many ways) Aunt Glo.


L to R (sorta, by group): Aunt Gloria; Chris, Julie and Kristin Dittmar; David, Doreen and Sterling DeCouto; Mark DeCouto (with shades, as usual) and Bro John's #2, Jeffrey; Mom and Dad (Jean and Tony DeCouto); sister Lisa with her son Paul; Colleen and Matthew with Fay, Trevor and Danielle DeCouto(glasses, no shades. good kid!); Sheree and John DeCouto with their #3, Grant (#1 Mitchell, away at school).

John and Sheree DeCouto with the fam on a cruise!

enjoying the cruise
enjoying the cruise John and Sheree DeCouto family 2003
With the family Grant DeCouto
Grant DeCouto

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