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Into the 21st Century Kicking And Screaming

Nick's Web Design

Nicks Web Works my web design company in Los Angeles
BOP 35 Music this is my music biz website. Listen to music, view pics and videos
Lucky Stiffs   my blooze band with YouTube video
Blues Garage Hot Cars, Cool Bikes, Blues News and Kustom Kulture Web Design

DeCouto Family Network one of the first sites i made for practice featuring my family.

Mixing Business with Pleasure

That's easily done when you have clients like these. Many of my clients are classic car dealers, ferrari repair specialists and car buyers that find some very interesting and cool cars. Check these automotive websites, the cream of my current web design portfolio.


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Mark's B-I-G Five -Oh! in L.A. June 2005

Hi! I was born and raised in Miami. At a very young age, my interests were cars, motorcycles and guitar. Now, I make my way in the world with a combination of those skills and talents in deepest, darkest Hollywood. On this page are some photos, from childhood to recent, with a big blank spot where the '70s were supposed to be. For a pictorial quick history (from the '80s on) go to, my music site (aka Nick Sharpe) with pix and video. The half dozen or so pix cronicle every look I've had since '81. Good for a laff :-)

Web Design Portfolio

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Growing up, I was really into cars, guitars and motorcyles. I started learning how to draw cars when I was 4 years old, and became a (somewhat) succesful commercial artist in the 3rd grade! I would draw pictures of cars and sell them for lunch money. A sample of that work, from my mom's family archive, is my drawing of a then new 1965 Mustang

Take those artistic influences, mechanical ability and tech savvy, mix it all together and you get a natural web designer. Many of my clients are classic car dealers, ferrari repair specialists and car buyers that find some very interesting and cool cars. Check these automotive websites, the cream of my current web design portfolio.

My interest with car design and mechanics was distracted by this sound that totally intrigued me when I was getting prepubescent. It was the sound of Eric Clapton's guitar in "Sunshine Of your Love". I knew then that I would be a guitar player and I became professional musician right out of high school working 5, 6 sometimes 7 nights a week for years. That was my "college". Over the years, songs that I wrote and recorded got on popular TV shows like "Fame" and "Sabrina the Teenage Witch". I even had one of my best songs placed in the Olympics '96 on ABC (profile music for archery gold). Here's a some of the music and art gallery sites that I have designed:

In late 1998, I started designing websites as a way to promote my blues band, the Lucky Stiffs. My first actual website design was this one. Yep. DeCouto Family Network was how I learned the basics of html. I figured I'd do a "family" site because they wouldnt get mad at me if I screwed it up!

For the next decade, web design had been somewhat of a sideline for me. I became a full time, freelance professional web designer in 2009. The economy was such that small business owners were pulling their hair out trying to get business. As more sought to establish or improve their web presence, there was a enough of a demand for my webdesign services that I could strike out on my own. At that time, I had to learn css and many other web technologies. At the advice of a high placed friend in the internet business, she said I should learn "semantic html". Along the way I developed sucessful SEO web design techinques and that became my calling card.

My first client was a niche that I was familiar with. As word of my success in getting top organic serp for my clients' websites got around, I found myself designing for a myriad of small indpendant businesses, from architecture and construction to electrolysis hair removal, massage therapists, a protein supplement factory... even an East Coast marketing firm!

Needless to say, I learned a lot doing SEO web design for these companies:

Time for an UPDATE! July 2012

New Blog for

Mark, known as "Nick Sharpe" (west of the rockies) started his own web design biz serving the small business community in Los Angeles and has since served clients worldwide.

Do a Google search for "organic serp web design" - as of July 2012, still rule! And can do the same for your website.
Web Design with SEO in Mind.

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