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DeCoutos from Miami, FL 33165

Hi from the Miami DeCoutos!

Even though there isnt one DeCouto left, that's where mom and dad met and married, and where myself and my siblings grew up, along with dad's sister, the much-loved late Emily Miller and her family (her late husband Ed Miller, Donald and Vickie).

We've scattered about in the time honored pork'n'cheese tradition of exploring and conquering our universe.

I've heard of DeCouto's in Japan and India (Goa). I'm getting emails from all over the globe!

Check out Stephen's family and friends at
and currently in Spain, Paul DeCouto's imaginative "Thumbuddies" website.

Who knows? DeCouto's on Mars? some would think that's where some of us came from ;-)

Wherever you are, e mail me Mark and check out the new DeCouto Family Network blog and join the conversation!

Mark DeCouto

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