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deCouto Family Network News decouto family network photos DeCouto family mingling at Tony DeCouto's 80th birthday celebration

Decouto Family Celebrates Anthony's 80th Birthday

April 28th 2012 - Marietta, Georgia, USA

Pop turns 80! This was going to be a family affair to remember. A milestone in the life of my dad and the family. Mom, dad, myself, my brothers and Lisa all in one place. Again.

Tony was born in Bermuda, the youngest of 5 and came to the states when he was 15. Clcik on that link for more to the story.

I am rebuilding this website now and will return to write more and add photos from that mini reunion. I will also recount the epic motrcycle journey I took across the USA to get there! For a sneak peek check my blog

Stay tuned! is for family members to share photos, news, events and announcements, home videos, art, music, links to favorite web pages and sites, family history, geneology, kid's pages (that they can make themselves), bad jokes, good recipes ... whatever we want!

Up and Flyin'! Decouto Family Blog!

With this site, each branch of the family tree can have their own pages as mentioned above, so.... break out those old boxes of photos, go down to the local electronics store and get a scanner ($50-100), read the simple directions and start archiving those valuable (and increasingly fragile!) pix on to a reliable hard drive, then back 'em up on cdw, thumbdrive, dvd (anything that'll last a few hundred years). Even better, use online services like Flikr, Picassa web and such so you can access your images from anywhere.
Scan the photos for storage at the highest possible quality, then convert copies to 72 dpi (dots per inch resolution). That's a manageable file size to send pix as an email attachment. To publish on the net, that's as good as it gets (for now).

Best way to Send Photos for DeCouto Family Network Website
  1. by email to
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  3. Upload in a blog post

You may send your digitized photos by snail mail on a thumbdrive to:
Mark DeCouto
P.O. Box 481031
Los Angeles  CA 90048



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This site develops as time allows. Any DeCoutos' that are into this, know web design or want to contribute, dive in and email me A WordPress version is in development so you can more easily contribute and edit.